Crackle and buzz

So the other day Murnie released our new ep, Crackle. We’re a wee band, and just like thousands of other wee bands out there it’s both inexpensive and easy for us to record our music and make it available to (theoretically) anyone who wants to hear it. What’s difficult sometimes though is getting feedback. Any feedback. At all.


There are a number of good indie review blogs out there (such as the ever excellent bluesbunny) and we were fortunate to get a couple of well nice reviews for our last release (sundaymouth), but beyond that the response to our music has been like a millpond.

This isn’t fishing for compliments. We genuinely just want to know what people think of our songs.

So. We’re offering free crackle download packages (that’s the four tracks plus the artwork/lyrics booklet) to the first five volunteers to take a listen and a look and promise to blog/tweet/facebook/G+ their reaction. You don’t have to be a journalist or a music geek. It doesn’t have to be in-depth. Just say what you liked or didn’t like.


First five people to leave a comment here get the download codes.

15 thoughts on “Crackle and buzz

  1. Well, dang. Sounds like a great deal, so count me in.

    It’s always interesting and challenging to get your music out there and figure out whether people like it or not. I’m interested in how your experiment works. Please post here once it’s done!

  2. Would love to hear some of your other stuff Mr Finkle. Yes i know who you are… Can’t vouch for the quality of the feedback though. Will try….

    1. I’ve never made any secret of who I am, Herr Martyr. And thanks! We’re not after journalism or criticism really, just a variety of listener opinions. The only requirement I suppose is that you like music (generally) and will post your thoughts about all the stuff somewhere.

  3. okay Ive spent quite a bit of time with these songs.the verdict..yes excellent by and large.
    production is pretty spot on.arrangements sympathetic.vocals again spot on so that leaves the songs.
    opener brass boy unashamedly steals the roses riff from she bangs the drums.cheekily changing the last two notes.that’s okay i steal ever thing.on saying that i feels its a subconscious steal.
    the words are a tad oblique but that’s OK by me.i can hear the Ben folds five likeness in this song.certainly more folds five than folds solo.
    IL already know spider monkey..hmm this song confuses me.a bit to many blue notes for my taste.I’m not saying its filler but prob my least fav.
    dont forget is my fav all busy commuter noise and longing melody.the right am out of melancholia with out being mawkish.great lyrics.drum machine thingy reminds me of a track from automatic for the people.sweetness follows i thinks…best vocals on the CD.good atmospheric piano all reverby and transit like..whatever that means.
    so crackle is the great lost song billy Joel never wrote.could easily be a smash in an alternate 1974 universe.hmm maybe this is my fav.
    all said and done a very nice listen.wish we could have had some of that Americana of there alter ego band.cant remember the name..some fiddle would amp the inherent melodic sadness.

    1. Cheers, Iain. Some interesting thoughts. I’ll take “the great lost song Billy Joel never wrote” any day.

      The other band you’re thinking of is San Fran & The Siscos, but Norry and I were just supporting musicians for Francis.

  4. Snap,Crackle and pop this new E.P from Murnie does have.Glossy pop tunes with some interesting unsanded edges.Some quality egg shaker work,a real live spider monkey(i think) and something about buying planets from children(i think)…………….lovely stuff!

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