Record Store Day 2013

Just a quick, now annual, reminder that tomorrow is international Record Store (Shop!) Day.  The annual jamboree where the pasty faced and terminally wired consumer of tunes gets his arse out of the house and goes music shopping old school style. Everyone has fun, there are in-store performances by excellent local bands, special releases for the collectors, and tea, cake and sundry festivities for the rest of us. And the shops make the kind of one-day business that keeps their doors open for another year.

I’ll be hitting Love Music and Monorail during the day tomorrow, looking out for albums by some of the acts I’ve got earmarked for attention at this year’s Stag & Dagger (Phosphorescent, Fake Major, Bill Ryder-Jones, Filthy Boy). If you’re in Glasgow, join me, or if you’re elsewhere in Scotland, The Herald’s got a pretty neat run-down of who’s doing what to mark the occasion.

ps Isn’t it about time someone did this for indie bookshops?



2 thoughts on “Record Store Day 2013

  1. Thanks, Neil, I hit the Kings Court/Parnie Street Triangle of Plan B Books, A1 Comics, and Mono and my wallet disappeared without trace, but the purchases, freebies and cake make up for it.

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