RSD with free beer

IMAG0116Managed out to Glasgow’s excellent Love Music for a couple of hours to celebrate Record Store Day 2013.  Bought some CDs, stayed in store to watch Fake Major and Woodenbox, bought some more CDs, and came away with some beer too.

The beer is quite interesting. As a RSD experiment music blogger, Song By Toad, has teamed up with Edinburgh craft brewer, Barney’s, in an intriguing challenge named Beer Vs Records. In short: would music buyers, in spending £12 on an album of new music, prefer to have the lovely red vinyl media  or four beers. It’s an interesting one. Personally, I’m no longer particularly attached to music media. The music is what matters most to me, and even if I *had* something I could play vinyl on, I’d still have opted for the beers.

Music AND beer? That’s a bargain right there. Can’t wait to download the tracks and explore the brews while listening.

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