Free Bones

Coming to the end of the BFA reading now (literally, a couple of books and a comic to finish and I’m done), and the writing projects are forming a disorderly queue clamouring like kids to be first into the tuck shop. (And how old exactly is that simile? You see what happens when you don’t write for three months?)

What do I have lined up? Well there’s the novel to finish, of course, and the ideas for the one after it have been piling up too. I had a short story and an article commissioned last week, and there’s going to be an exclusive “related” story in the hardback edition of The Moon King too. And there’s a good half dozen unfinished pieces that just need a little attention to get them over the line.

So, I’m not going to be idle.

Meantime, I found out this morning that that one of my older stories which had, for years, been available online, no longer was. And I realised that there really aren’t that many free examples of my fiction kicking around these days. So, I decided to make the story (The Bone Farmer) available here.

It’s an oldie, but one I’m fond of. And, hey, I don’t plug The Ephemera enough, so if you’re new to my work and you like the story, there are tons more like it in the collection (and it’s very cheap!).

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