Fringe activities #3

Well, that’s the last weekend of the 2013 Fringe been and gone. Had a great one, with two excellent de Saw / Finkle shows on Saturday night, played to brilliant audiences (even the one that seemed to think we were a comedy act), and two beautifully experimental stints as a member of the Creative Martyrs’ acquiescent  orchestra. Plus some hanging out time with the Glasgow Cabaratti into the bargain.

And that left just enough time to fit in one last show. Now, see, up to this point I’d seen a lot of great stuff, but it was all material by artists that I knew and trusted of old, and what I needed was something new, something left field, something…random. I had a tip off from Hal Duncan that the show I was looking for was Sven Werner’s amazing Tales Of Magical Realism over at Summerhall.  And we did have every intention of seeing it, because it does look brilliant.

But in the end we didn’t get there. Because we were waylaid by an angel called Stefan who ushered us into a literally indescribable hour of utterly hilarious weirdness that was Almond Roca. I couldn’t even try to describe how much fun this was, you’re better just watching the trailer, and even then…

Safe to say, that if I was looking for some proper Fringe randomness, I got it in buckets. I may have developed a bit of a crush on Shiny Lady, and a taste for almonds.



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