Fringe activities #2

shockedSo, once again, catching up with the Fringe. Feel like I’ve been skimming it this year. Been through a few times, seen a  few things, but not loads. All of what I have seen though has been quality.

Last week I was fortunate enough to catch up with Sarah Louise Young and Michael Roulston’s Songs For Cynics. Superb selection of songs, every one of which drips bitterness but is presented with a sunny disposition. Lovely interplay between Young and Roulston too. If it’s possible for a show of cynical songs (and they really are cynical) to be “feel-good”, this is it. There are still a few performances left before of the end of the run, so if you’re looking for a great show to drop in on at tea-time, this is your (ugly) baby.

Also caught a couple of musically-minded shows that had short runs at Summerhall. A Band Called Quinn’s Biding Time blended live band and silent disco technology with video and performance (by a giant white rabbit) to trace the story of the changing relationship between a musician and her dream of success. At times creepy, at times funny, at times touching. Superb music throughout.

And The Dead Man’s Waltz reprised their Story’s End which I caught in Glasgow at the start of the year. This compacted version retained the central short film, story readings by Hal Duncan and the band’s beautifully sombre songs on the subject of death. Highlight was Last Train From Paris, with Louise McVey guesting on vocals.

I’m guessing both these shows will resurface at some point, so look out for them.


And, yes, de Saw and Finkle have been through a few times to do their thing. Last chance to catch us is this Saturday, 24th. We’re honoured to be performing at Best Of Burlesque in the Bosco Tent (George Square, midnight), and before that we’re paying our last visit to the Silhouette Burlesque show (Tron Kirk, 10pm). Sihouette Burlesque is a free show, packed with quality performers. We’re delighted to have taken part in it. If you fancy checking it out, here’s a taste of what you’re missing (includes jiggling, may not be safe for work).

And there’s more. If you’re a Creative Martyrs fan, they’re performing two special performances of last year’s Sinister Wink show on Saturday and Sunday at 3pm in the Voodoo Rooms ballroom. They’ll have their Acquiescent Orchestra with them. The piano player might look familiar.


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