WFC shopping list

One of the benefits of the awards reading stint was that I inadvertently didn’t buy any new books for several months. I know! Imagine!

This of course must be rectified, and it so happens that the imminent World Fantasy Convention will be the epicentre for a conflagration of book launches. In addition to the two anthologies I’ve a hand in (I did mention Astrologica and Caledonia Dreamin’, didn’t I?), here’s some of the titles I’ll have my eye out for:

  • The Moon Will Look Strange, Lynda E. Rucker (Karōshi Books)
  • Autodrome, Kim Lakin-Smith (Snowbooks)
  • Scruffians, Hal Duncan (Lethe Press)
  • The End of the Road, ed. Jonathan Oliver (Solaris Books)
  • Phantoms of Venice, David A. Sutton, Mike Chinn, Tim Lebbon & Conrad Williams (Shadow Publishing)

    Getting Out Of There, M John Harrison (Nightjar Press) (hopefully, not sure if it’s going to be there or not)

  • The Eidolon, Libby McGugan (Solaris Books) (though, I’ll probably wait til the Glasgow launch the week after).


Not bad for starters, eh? Love a good book launch, so I do.




One thought on “WFC shopping list

  1. Sounds like a plan, Neil, “The Moon Will Look Strange” was on my shopping list and Steve Tem who wrote the introduction will be at the WFC as well, but didn’t know “Scruffians” was available so that’s now on the list too,cheers.

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