Moon King Trivia #5 : The Lunane

With a week to go until The Moon King is officially published, with the Eastercon launch event happening on Friday AND today being the day that you can now also get it for your Kindle, it thought it’d be cool to have a bit of a count down. I couldn’t think of anything cool to actually *do* for the count down, so instead I’ve opted for mildly interesting.

So, without further ado, here’s the first in my count down of Top Five Mildly Interesting (But Probably Only Once You’ve Actually Read The Book) Trivia Facts About The Moon King…

#5 : The Lunane

Q:  In The Moon King, the city is ruled by an immortal ruler (the moon king of the title), known as The Lunane.  Where did that name come from?crown solo

A:  It came from my friend and legend of the Scottish space science and science fiction arenas, Duncan Lunan. As soon as I’d created Glassholm, with it’s never-setting moon, and knew it needed a ruler, I asked Duncan if he’d lend me his name, and he was gracious enough to do so. When I was first thinking about trying to write SF, I attended the Glasgow University evening class that Duncan was running at the time, and after that he introduced me to the Glasgow SF Writers Circle. So, without him it’s very likely that The Lunane would never exist.


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