Release Day!

So, April 22nd is finally here, and that means The Moon King is finally available to bought by anyone who wants one. To be honest, after the excitement of the pre-release launch at Eastercon, it feels…not anticlimactic, but perhaps a bit lower key. Which is perfectly fine by me.

And good to see the reviews continuing to be generally positive too.

And of course, now it’s out, people are asking where to buy it. Well, the usually places, really. Any bookshop, if they don’t have it on the shelves, will order it for you. Or you can get it online ( is great, but usual online stores all have it too).

HOWEVER… a request: If you live in or near Glasgow please consider holding off for a couple of weeks because there’s going to be A LAUNCH EVENT which I will announce (hopefully) imminently***. And, as is the nature of these events, the more people that come along and buy the book there, the happier everyone is. That’d be brilliant!

***And by imminently, I mean later today, maybe tomorrow.


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