A general thanks

Eastercon, done. Hugely enjoyable. Great friends, excellent beer, enormous amount of chat. Brilliant also to hear of friends selling books, and winning awards. Especially chuffed for Gareth Powell, Nina Allan and Jeff Vandermeer and Jeremy Zerfoss for their BSFA award wins.

And personally, I’ve a few thankyous to make.

Cheers to everyone that came along to the NewCon Press/PS Publishing launch on Friday, to everyone that bought The Moon King, to my publisher Ian Whates for bigging-up the book like a demon, and to Eric Brown and Ian Watson for keeping me grounded. It was a brilliant hour, and one that I’m not going to forget any time soon.

Ta, also, to everyone that came along to the words and music talk on Saturday. Hope you found it interesting. (And also to Markee for making me look good).

And, lastly, thanks to everyone that turned up for the Planet Scotland reading. Especially the readers: Mark Harding, Elsie Donald, Stuart Wallace, Halsted Bernard, Ian Hunter, Elaine Gallagher, Phil Raines, Andrew Wilson, Amal El Mohtar and Tracy Berg, for their superb contributions and bravura reading performances. And, once we’d relocated,  to the performance who provided a fantastic, you-had-to-be-there, finale: that legendary Scruffian, Hal Duncan, and the supremely mutli-talented Ruth “Scamp” Booth. Was well chuffed with the event. Cheers, everyone.

Back to normality now, and life rolls on. Absolutely top weekend though.

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