New Moon


So, a few days ahead of official release, we opened some boxes of sunshine yellow books and let the good attendees of Eastercon have first dibs on The Moon King. People were happy, wine was drunk and we sold rather a lot of copies I think. Thanks to everyone that came, and to my publisher, Ian, and agent, John, for making The Moon King a thing. And kudos to my fellow launchees, Ian Watson and Eric Brown and the contributors to NewCon’s lovely Noir and La Femme anthologies whose books were also being snapped up around me while I sat there and kind of quietly lost it for a while.

And to make a really nice day, even realer and nicer, there’ve been some very generous reviews popping up.


The Moon King belongs in the tradition of Mervyn Peake…an elegant, eloquent inquiry into the relationship between humankind and nature”  The Financial Times

“One foot in literary fantasy, the other in pulp adventure…An exciting debut novel.” Amazing Stories

The Moon King has you hooked from the start…Once you are drawn into the world Williamson has created you really want to find out what makes it tick ” Edinburgh Book Review

The Moon King is a masterful work of science fiction…When I finished the last word of the last sentence I had to catch my breath.”   Mass Movement Magazine

4 thoughts on “New Moon

  1. Shame I can’t be at EasterCon – was it really 8 years since we launched “The Ephemera” there?! – but many congrats on the (pre)launch of The Moon King. Looking forward to reading it.

    1. Eight years! You’re right, you know! Yeah, took me long enough to follow it up, didn’t it? 😀

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