Well and truly under sail

Photo credit: Rachel MyburghWell, I think after last night we can properly consider The Moon King officially launched.

Serious and heartfelt thanks to all the family and friends who came along to hear me wibble on for a bit and buy the book. And deep gratitude to Emma, Caron and all the staff at Waterstones Argyle St for managing the event with such wonderful, smiley enthusiasm. It was a beautiful night. And genuinely humbling.

The good news is we sold all the books. The even better news is they’re going to get more in, so if you’re looking for a copy of The Moon King in Glasgow (or indeed ANY book), Waterstones in Argyle St is the place to go. They’re lovely.Photo credit: Rachel Myburgh

Thanks to to everyone who came on to Sloanes with us to help us celebrate.

And special thanks to Rachel Myburgh for taking an amazing selection of  photos.


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