Cabaret dates

Haven’t posted here for a while about de Saw/Finkle cabaret shows, and since the Edinburgh Fringe is upon us this would seem a good time to get back into the habit. Not that we have any confirmed Fringe dates this year (yet, though watch this space), however there’s plenty happening in Glasgow.

Cabapocalypsaret preview  (Old Hairdressers, Wed 30th July, 7pm) : We’re helping our friends, the redoubtable Creative Martyrs preview one of their THREE shows for the 2014 Fringe. The first half of the night will be the Maryrs’ show, and the second half will be cabaret performances from the likes of Jack Squat, Kim Khaos, Miss Leggy Pee and Charlie M Montgomery and ourselves.

Spangled Cabaret (Art School, Mon August 11th, 8.30pm) : Spangled seems to be settling into its new home very nicely now, and there have been some really excellent lineups so far. And even with the Fringe in full swing across the country, August’s looks to be no different.

Gatsby Club (Glasgow University Union, Sat September 27th, 7.30pm) : The Gatsby is a superbly swanky 1920’s themed night out, and we’ve been invited to take part in the next show.  The theme is “the future” and we’re creating something brand new and I hope quite special for it. Think Metropolis smershed with Futurism. The keyword will be “optimistic”. After a fashion.

2 thoughts on “Cabaret dates

  1. Duly noted, Paul. If we get any offers it’ll probably have to be after I get back from Woldcon at the earliest now. If…we get any offers. 😀

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