PSA: Waterstones event

If you’d been at the amazing Loncon3 in London this past weekend, among a myriad of genre authors , you could have seen the Jeff Vandermeer, Ann Vandermeer, Amal El-Mohtar (and me) giving talks, taking part in panels and performing readings.

If you weren’t at Loncon, the good news is these guys are at the very top of their game and they’re all appearing together for free in Glasgow this week. Even better, those Loncon people didn’t get to see Hal Duncan, but he’ll be joining us too for a chat about weird fiction. There will be fun and there will be curmudgeonry. And readings! And books for sale!

BONUS  If you’re a fan of Jeff’s Southern Reach books, the last volume, Acceptance, will be for sale … two weeks ahead of official publication!

Join us at: Waterstones Argyle St, Thursday 21st, 7pm.

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