Book Week Scotland

In case you didn’t know (and how could you not know, don’t you pay attention to anything?) Book Week Scotland takes place next week, running from Monday 24th to Sunday 30th of November. There are literally tons of book-related events happening all over the country, so go on and get out there and celebrate Scottish books.

And if you’re in Glasgow on Saturday 29th you should definitely pop along to the Britannia Panopticon, which not only is a fascinating place to visit if you’re at all interested in the history of entertainment, but is also hosting a Book Day. Authors from all across the literary spectrum will be doing readings and signings and, of course, selling their merchandise (I’ll be there with The Moon King, but don’t let that put you off).

Book Day at the Britannia Panopticon runs from 11am to 5pm. Be great to see you there.

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