The Return Of Songs In The Key Of: A

letter aDoing a bit of blog archaeology recently reminded me of an occasional feature that I used to throw out in the hope of sharing a few music suggestions (without putting in the effort of actually writing a review or anything). It’s a snapshot of what happens to be in my musical sphere on any given day; a wodge ten songs in a row starting with the same letter plucked from my alphabetically arranged playlist. Or something.

Anyway, it’s all good stuff (even the slightly cringeworthy stuff – nothing’s quietly hidden here). You really ought to check these out.

Without further ado, here are today’s Songs In The Key Of: A

  • Animals – How To Swim
  • Ankle Shackles – King Creosote
  • Annie O – McGillvary Wolf
  • Antelope – Diagrams
  • Anvil Everything – White Denim
  • Anyone – The Feeling
  • Anyone Out There – Duran Duran
  • Anyone’s Ghost – The National
  • Anything You Want Dear – Zeus
  • Anywhere I Lay My Head – Tom Waits

EDIT: Now with Spotify playlist (at least the songs that are on Spotify) Songs In The Key Of A 1114

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