The Stag Is Set

This weekend sees the return of the Stag & Dagger festival to Glasgow (or Stag & Dagger presents Live at Glasgow, as it’s now known. Always enjoy the day itself, but I love the build-up too. For the last couple of months we’ve building a spotify playlist as the bill has been announced and listening fervently to get an idea of what we want to see. And finally this week, they released the stage times, so now we’re able to see that, miraculously, we’ll manage to see almost everyone on the list. Awesome.

The bill is always a decent mix of local acts, new British acts and touring bands from overseas. There’s always a handful of more recognisable names thrown in, but for me the day is about discovering new music. Check out the playlist for an idea of what we’ve whittled our choices down to. The only band not on the list (cos they’re not on Spotify) that we’ll definitely be catching are WHITE.

With well over fifty acts and two new venues added to the Sauchiehall St strip (the Garage and the Variety Bar), along with music related movies at the GFT and poetry at the CCA. S&D have upped their game this year, hopefully giving a lot more options for the early party of the day.

And long may they continue to do so. S&D is an ace day out.

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