Been a long time since rock and roll…

bitter birds sampler avatarWe could probably sit down and work it out, but it’s been at least five, probably more than six, years since Murnie last played live. It’s been so long since our misfit band of brothers last got up on a stage and played pop songs too loud that it was conceivable that we’d forget how. But, what do you know, the stars have aligned, great Cthulhu has woken from his eternal sleep, and we’ve been in secret manouevers preparing for the day. And the day, my children, is upon us.

We have a whole set of brand new songs, we’ve even practised them a couple of times. And we have a gig to play.

Spangled Cabaret, The Art School bar, October 12. From 8pm. Entry free, but a donation for all the wonderful cabaret acts (and it’s an excellent line up!) appreciated.

It’s going to be emotional.

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