Dublin Worldcon schedule

In just a couple of weeks’ time the 2019 Worldcon will be upon us and I’ll be joining the hordes hopping across the Irish Sea to Dublin to take part in five brimming days of deep and wonderful nerdery. As always I’m always up for a sit down and a chat so if you’re there and you see me wandering about grab me and we’ll have a cuppa and a gab.

Alternatively, I’m also taking part in the programme so here’s where you can definitely find me.

Sports in Science Fiction and Fantasy (panel)
15 Aug (Thursday) 14:00, Liffey Room 3(CCD)
Neil Williamson (M), Chris M. Barkley, Rick Wilber, Fonda Lee

Rural Pagans, Haunted Forests: Folk Horror Revival (panel)
17 Aug (Saturday) 11:00, Liffey Hall-2 (CCD)
Tim Major (M), Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Tuttle, Neil Williamson, Catriona Ward

Is The Musical A Work of Fantasy? (panel)
17 Aug (Saturday) 16:00, Wicklow Room 1 (CCD)
Ruth Frances Long, Gabriella Gomez, Neil Williamson (M), Marguerite Smith, Chris Brathwaite

NewCon Press book launch
17 Aug (Saturday) 17:30 1st Floor (Point Square)
Unveiling “The Boughs Withered” by Maura McHugh, “Best of British SF 2018”, edited by Donna Scott, and “Once Upon a Parsec”, edited by David Gullen.
Many of the authors involved in these books (including me) will be on hand to sign your freshly bought copies.

Autograph session
19 Aug (Monday) 13:00, Level 4 Foyer (CCD)
If you miss me at the book launch (or have anything else you want scribbled on) this is where to come and do that. Or just come and chat. If you want. Please.
(Last time I had an autographing session at a Worldcon I was sitting next to Robin Hobb and George RR Martin. I’m not saying I felt inadequate, but let me tell you I treasured every single smiling face that popped in to say hi…)

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