Queen Of Clouds Events

Time is ticking down rather quickly to the real, actual release of Queen Of Clouds, and I’m excited to announce that there are going to be a couple of launch events to help usher this little beauty into the world.

April 7th / Waterstones, Sauchiehall St., Glasgow / 7pm
I’ll be interviewed by the wonderful Meg McDonald in conjunction with the Glasgow in 2024, who are doing amazing work in supporting Scottish writing as part of their bid to bring the World Science Fiction Convention back to Glasgow.

This event is ticketed (since it’s been proved by SCIENCE that doing this helps people remember to turn up). It’ll be £3 for the pleasure of hearing us talk while you think about buying the fascinating book under discussion, and £14 to make sure you secure a copy in advance. For those who can’t make it along, it will all be streamed live on the Glasgow in 2024 Youtube channel.

April 15th / Reclamation (Eastercon), Radisson Hotel, Heathrow / 6pm
The grand and traditional NewCon Press Eastercon book launch will feature Queen Of Clouds alongside R B Kelly‘s On The Brink, the sequel to her Arthur C Clarke award shortlisted debut, Edge Of Heaven.

There’re a few more appearances scheduled a little further down the line, but more on those another time.

Listen, it feels like an age since we were even able to do in person events, and I count myself very fortunate to have the chance right now. But we’re all going to reintegrate into doing these sorts of things at a pace that is personally comfortable for each of us. So, I totally understand that some people might want to come but not feel able to yet. Don’t pressure yourself, you can still get the book from your local bookshop or online and I’ll be happy to see you whenever we next get the chance.

And, please: only come along if you’re vaccinated, take an LFT on the day and wear a mask.

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