Over the next few months, I’m going to be taking part in a few events. (Did I mention I have a new book out? It’s called Queen of Clouds.) Some of them are in-person, some online, but they’re all going to be great.

I’ve attended online events over the last two years, and they’ve worked pretty well considering, although there’s nothing quite like sharing space with other writers and connecting on subjects close to your genre’s collective heart. It seems that the way forward, however, is a combination of real space and streaming, and I’m all for it. It makes these events so much more accessible for everyone.

So what am I up to?

7-11th April / Quarancon / Youtube
Sat 9th 3.30pm – Location As Character
Sun 10th 11pm – Reading
Mon 11th 9pm – What does fantasy get away with that sci-fi doesnt?

15th-18th April / Reclamation (Eastercon) / Heathrow
April 15, 6.00pm – NewCon Press book launch (including Queen of Clouds)
April 16, 12.30pm – Reading
April 17, 4.30pm – Where Are The Workers: Class & Caste in SF?

26th-27th May / Chillercon / Scarborough
May 26th 9pm – Dark Futures: Horror SF
May 27th 12.00pm – Reading (with Steve Toase)

28th-29th May / Satellite 7 / Glasgow
May 28th – 8.15pm – Event Horizon (reading)

3-5th June / Cymera Book Festival / Edinburgh
June 4th, 2.00pm – Come Rain Or Shine with Lorraine Wilson and CA Fletcher

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