So, maybe it’s the weather or maybe it’s the clocks going forward or maybe just because it’s May, but all of a sudden good people are putting on good things to go and see. In the last two weeks we’ve seen a shitload of good music, for very little outlay.It all started two Saturdays ago with the Littlest Album 3 launch at The Note, and seemed to steam roll from there. There’s too much to go into detail, but here are the highlights:

Tuesday 2nd – the ever-entertaining Scunner and The Glasgow Glambangers at Bloc.
Thursday 4th – Super Puny Humans (author Alan Bissett reading along to the music of Y’All Is Fantasy Island and Zoey Van Goey) at Oran Mor.
Saturday 5th – Popup Films’ Music and Moving Image at Oran Mor. Five bands interspersed with showings of experimental films. The films were interesting, and the pick of the acts were A Band Called Quinn and Isa And The Filthy Tongues.
Sunday 6th – Boudica’s Ball at Oran Mor. A six act bill featuring female-fronted talent (that could have been better phrased I think). Best for me were Lou Hickey and a soaring set by organiser Colette McKendrick.
Wednesday 9th – WordDogs at The Note. No music this time, but plenty of good stories and the entertainment was top notch. Great to see some old favourites reading new material, including the car-crash punning of Gavin Inglis’ “Springheeled Jock” [spoiiiiing!], and to hear readers I’ve not heard before, like Martin Belk.
Thursday 10th – the last of eight T-break heats, at Tut’s. Six bands given 20 minutes each to impress enough to grab a slot at T In The Park. Some great stuff going on here, interesting and varied. Top of my pile were the lush and majestic Miyagi, with honourable mentions to the spikily energetic Miss The Occupier and totally madcap Cider Spiders. I’d like to see more of the Sorren MacLean band too.
Saturday 12th – not an entertainment as such, but our friends Phil, Janie and VV held a party to wave goodbye to the West End. Lots of good craic there, but we couldn’t last the pace, ending up plonking ourselves on the sofa with pizza, wine and Eurovision.

What do you think we are, party animals?

And that’s it. Have a relatively quiet schedule lined up for the forseeable. Which is a good thing, all things considered.

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