Monkey Music

Things that have pleased me no end this week.

1/ The Littlest Album launch at the 13th Note. A very eclectic collection of musicians marshalled and organised by Adam from The Plimptons. Some great music, most especially from Only Joe Kane, and we got to play a loud set including a new song. So we all went home happy.

Best of all though is the disk itself. Man, when we first picked up instruments and got a band together in the early 80s, we assumed that if and when we made it the product with our name on it that people would be buying would be vinyl LPs. We dreamed of spinning black plastic encoded with our songs. And I guess that never leaves you. So, cut to 25 years later, and the dream is a reality. The Littlest Album is a thing of beauty. Not just Adam’s idiosyncratic, iconic and instantly recognisable artwork and design, but the shiny black vinyl itself. And the best of it is – since I don’t own a record player, it’ll never get scratched.

2/ Passing it on. No not the lurgie of which both us have been deeply enamoured the last couple of weeks, but ideas, music, creativity. Last night we took our good selves out to catch Scunner and the GlamBangers at Bloc. It’s been way too long since we last saw these guys, and had a thoroughly entertaining night (hey, giving noisy plastic toys to the audience is a stroke of genius). And of course the best thing is getting to hear new songs. I particularly enjoyed Scunner’s “Cake and Fun” and a brilliant wee song that I believe is called “Monkey In The Looking Glass”, which started life as an extrapolation of our song “Spidermonkey” during the Pass The Baton night we did for OxJam last year. I love it when stuff like that happens.

3/ Fitbaw. Got tickets for the UEFA Cup Final. Go me!

4/ The weather’s been great, and it lessened the severe disappointment on Sunday of being turned away from Duncan‘s Ballads Of The Book reading at the Tramway.

5/ Logorrhea : Good Words Make Good Stories is out! I can’t wait to get my copy and read, read, read. You should too. Go buy it!

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