Smiles and Sunday Mouths

I’m wrote this, appropriately enough, on a Sunday morning in March. A stunning day and, once I was done, I went out for leisurely donner down Great Western Road. Which is exactly what Sundays are for. The reason for the post is to properly announce and celebrate the newest Murnie release: the sundaymouth ep. As we did […]

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Open mouth, prepare to speak

Really pleased to say that the new murnie ep is now available for pre-order over on Bandcamp. This one is called sundaymouth, it has four tracks and I’ll be posting in more detail about it over the weekend, but for now you can hop on over there if you like and pre-order the album by pledging anything […]

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Some upcoming things

And just to prove that things are happening here in this old (but freshly decorated house), here’s a few things I’m going to be involved in in early December: Markee de Saw & Bert Finkle will be playing at the QM Red Ribbon Ball. There should be a fabulous cabaret line-up for that one, and […]

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Bitter birds and Glitter flies

Tomorrow’s a bit of a red letter day. After a considerable length of time (in which between us we managed to produce two weddings, a baby, half a house, a cabaret act and three books), wur band, Murnie, has decided to release some new music. Yay, for us. Now, yes, there was supposed to be […]

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Setting ones balls in order

I’m a bit of a juggler. At least I attempt to be. I’m always writing something and I’m always doing something with music, usually multiple things. I tell myself that I can keep all of these balls in the air at the same time, but usually I end up concentrating primarily on one and the […]

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Songs in the Key of…B

Thought it might be nice to revisit the thing I did a couple of years ago where, instead of having my mp3s on shuffle as is my usual practice, I let the player just trawl through the list alphabetically and see what it throws up. It’s a nice way to get a snapshot of what […]

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Other things to do

Course if nothing in the list below takes your fancy you could always try one of the following: Download Hal Duncan’s latest Scruffians story. Listen again to the Murnie session that we did for Pulse Community Radio’s ‘Under the Radar’ show. There’ll be a highlights show broadcast over the next week either at 98.4FM if […]

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