Catch up

A general newsy catchy-upy sorta thing (sorry, Jim):

Had a braw time at the Glasgow Cabaret Festival in June. Fabulous acts, great company, wonderful nights out.

Had a just-as-braw-but-in-a-different-way time holidaying in North Ireland a couple of weeks ago. First few days were spent in a charming converted station halt up on the North Coast. Lots of paths to be walked, scenery to be seen,  old shit to be ogled at. Then we followed that up with a slightly more interactive weekend visiting friends in Belfast. We had Craic, and it was, of course, good.

And suddenly, there’s stuff coming up too:

Music stuff – if you’re a fan of The Smiths you might be interested in this night coming up tomorrow at King Tuts. I’ll be joining San Fran And The Siscos once more for a few songs. Should be good fun.

Spoken word – if you’re spending more of your time in Edinburgh than Glasgow at the moment, I can recommend making your post-dinner entertainment pick Underword spoken word night. We were royally entertained by Andrew C Ferguson on our visit last week, and the remaining line-up looks awesome. Great change of pace from the “edgy” stand ups and manic musicals. Of special note, of course, are tomorrow’s show by the mighty WordDogs and Sunday’s double-header featuring Hal Duncan and Richard Mosses.

Gigs – really, really, REALLY looking forward to seeing Miss Amand F. Palmer in Edinburgh on Saturday.

Cabaret stuff – the Bongo Club Cabaret is an Edinburgh Fringe institution and next Friday the 28th will see the Fringe debut of Miss M. de Saw and Mr B. Finkle esq. Come along and be bewitched, but bring a hankie.

Book stuff – first new publication to announce for a wee while is my inclusion in the charity flash fiction anthology Last Drink Bird Head. Edited by the Famous Vandermeers, authors were instructed to come up with a story suggested by just those four words. An interesting exercise, resulting in a very strange story from me indeed. Really looking forward to reading what other authors made of the challenge – especially given some of the names on that list. Copies will be available from around the end of October, but I’m sure they can be ordered somewhere if you look hard enough.

That’s it for now (but isn’ that enough to be going on with?)

6 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. Will be very interested to read that story. I like the idea of using a title or words to write to instead of an overall theme. Should make for some good variety.

  2. Just looked at the proofs – yah, variety seems to be the key word. 😀

    A worthwhile experiment I think.

  3. Ooh! Wish I’d heard about that anthology in time – there’s so much you can do with those words. Of course, my submissions would have been rejected on grounds of taste. Looking forward to reading yours, though.

  4. Actually, the stories look pretty blinking awesome. And it’s for a literacy charity. Which means it’s a MUST BUY for everyone that knows me.

    And everyone that doesn’t too.

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