Jack Deighton on the BSFA shortlist

Over on his blog, Fife-based SF novelist, Jack Deighton has been looking at the BSFA award nominees.  Jack’s opinions are always thoughtful and I won’t comment on what he’s written here (except to say that I disagree with his appreciation of the Allan story). But if you’re thinking about voting in the BSFA awards this […]

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Isolationism, and a resolution

I don’t often talk about the writing here. It only really surfaces when there’s something to tell people about. A milestone, a publication, a nomination. And when you’re working on something long, it can be a long time until you’ve got something to report. Monday’s news made me realize that Arrhythmia was the only piece […]

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BSFA Award Shortlist

I’m both gobsmacked and absolutely delighted to learn that my my story, ‘Arrhythmia’ (from Mutation Press’s Music For Another World anthology) has been shortlisted for the 2010 BSFA Award for Short Fiction. How cool is that?! The award will be presented at Eastercon on April 23rd, and between now and then members of the BSFA […]

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BSFA Award – Getting Involved!

Really pleased to see that in the recent mailing, the BSFA have made serious attempts to enfranchise its membership towards voting in this year’s awards by thoughtfully providing a booklet dedicated to focusing minds on the task. Traditionally, there has been an issue of accessibility in garnering votes, especially for the short fiction and artwork […]

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And the winner isn’t…

Well no surprises there. Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things deservedly won the Best Collection statue at the British Fantasy awards. Well done to Mr G, and to all the other winners. Especially pleased to see Gary Couzens pick up the Best Anthology award for Extended Play, which featured great stories from Phil Raines, Marion Arnott, Rosanne […]

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And the winner is…

Having been fortunate enough to have both of my books shortlisted for awards, I’d have to say that I’m generally in favour of them. Sales aside, it’s nice to know that people thought well enough of your work to want to mark it as worthy in some way. It’s not only gratifying, it gives a […]

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Stop Press!

Just heard that The Ephemera has been shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award. It’ll be presented at Fantasycon in September. I’ve already signed up, but I’m not holding my breath – the competition looks fierce!

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