Songs In The Key Of : 1

Turning alphabetical order into sort-of numerical for this episode of In The Key Of. Once – Laura Marling Once I Was – MG Boulter One And Only – Barenaked Ladies One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces -Ben Folds Five One Day At A Time – Blue Rose Code One Good Reason – Lucy Kaplanski […]

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Songs In The Key Of : C

This week’s random meander through my music files throws up a bunch of interesting bands with an apparent fixation on the subjects of charm, chemicals, children and choices. It’s: Songs In The Key Of: C(h) Charm Of The Dangerous Minx – Filthy Boy Charmed Life – The Divine Comedy Chemotherapy – Call To Mind Chemtrails – Beck […]

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The explosion of stuff

…and suddenly you look around and realise that there is so much stuff going on that you’ve almost no time to tell people about it. So, to rectify that, here’s a  rundown of what’s happening with the music and the writing and a few other bits and bobs. De Saw and Finkle have had a busy […]

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Back in the park

So yesterday was my day back up at Balado for T in the Park. Workwise, de Saw and Finkle seemed to go down okay with the punters wandering through the cabaret tent, and out in the arena I managed to catch some decent bands too. Of the acts kindly suggested by you guys a week […]

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2013 T Challenge

So, I’m going to be festivalling again this year with the return of Finkle and de Saw to the Cabaret Tent at T In The Park. Yay! I say “yay”, but I have mixed feelings.  I love playing to new audiences and I love the idea of more music than you can possibly consume being […]

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Stag & Dagger time again

So, yay! For various reasons my eye’s been somewhat off the ball, so Stag & Dagger‘s kind of snuck up on me this year.  Still, I’ve managed to plug myself into Spotify for research purposes and, with the release of the stage times today, have formulated a plan. It’s going to be a cracking day. […]

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RSD with free beer

Managed out to Glasgow’s excellent Love Music for a couple of hours to celebrate Record Store Day 2013.  Bought some CDs, stayed in store to watch Fake Major and Woodenbox, bought some more CDs, and came away with some beer too. The beer is quite interesting. As a RSD experiment music blogger, Song By Toad, […]

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Record Store Day 2013

Just a quick, now annual, reminder that tomorrow is international Record Store (Shop!) Day.  The annual jamboree where the pasty faced and terminally wired consumer of tunes gets his arse out of the house and goes music shopping old school style. Everyone has fun, there are in-store performances by excellent local bands, special releases for […]

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